Discover How To STOP Leaving Money
On The Table And Close More Sales
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Discover how to overcome objections, like:
  • "I haven't got enough money"
  •  "Call me back next year"
  •  "I haven't got the time"
  •  "I'm interested, but...."
  •  "I'm busy"
  •  "Email me"
This Free Training Is Perfect For...

  •  Entrepreneurs or Business owners who want a quick and easy way to train their sales teams 
  •  Coaches and Consultants who want to close more business
  •  Property experts who want to source better deals and overcome 'bumps' in the deal process as you're currently missing out on property deals by taking too long to decide or not having the skills to close the deal successfully
  •  Anyone who needs to learn how to negotiate and influence people to make more sales
  •  Anyone who wants a tried and tested sales process, which works every time
...This FREE "Open With A Close" Sales Training is 
EXACTLY what you need.
Inside this FREE training, you'll discover:
How To Ask Hard Questions
Find out what the underlying problems actually are with what your customer needs and how you measure your success by asking high quality questions.
The 12 Step "Open With A Close" Formula
Understand The Elite Closing Formula so you qualify the outcome by starting with a close.  The results are ground breaking... 
How To Challenge All The Normal Sales Techniques
Discover how to enable your potential customer to close themselves, making it easier for you to win their business. 
Matt Elwell and Nick James
Co-Founders of The Elite Closing Academy

About Matt Elwell
Matt Elwell
Co-Founder of The Elite Closing Academy
and Creator of "Open With A Close"
Matt has spent his entire career in sales.  At 18 years of age he took a  telesales role in the highly competitive photocopying industry. By tenaciously knocking on doors and cold calling, he quickly became the top performing sales person, and by the age of 22 became Sales manager.

The techniques he learnt then still stand strong to this day. 

In his early 20's he started a family business in Birmingham with his father and brother, selling tiles and bathrooms. The business grew consistently, doubling turnover year on year.

In 2005, Matt invested heavily, acquiring land and developing a show room.  In 2008, he opened the 6000 sq. foot 2 storey show room containing bespoke Italian tiles and a staff of 14 people.

In 2012, Matt used the same techniques he now teaches in The Elite Closing Academy to secure a multi-7-figure deal to lease the ground floor of his premises to a well-known supermarket chain.
In 2017, Matt's brother purchased his shares in the trading company, which runs successfully to this day. Now they manage a small property portfolio together and Matt maintains a 50% share holding in their property company. 

Matt took a few months off in 2017 and then became reacquainted with his now Business Partner Nick James, the founder of Seriously Fun Business (SFB) and creator of the well-known Expert Empires events.

For the next 10 months, Matt was coaching, training and advising Nick's team and a selection of his clients. 

On 1 August 2018, Matt and Nick co-founded The Elite Closing Academy, which offers high end sales training, coaching and mentoring packages to sales teams and individuals around the UK.

"If getting leads is easy, but closing sales is your biggest issue, the ECA is a must for you or your business..." says Matt. 

Over the past 12 months, Matt is lucky enough to have worked with some of the biggest names in the expert industry.
What Matt's clients say about working with him and
the difference he has made to their businesses
Darren Galvin
Apps Expert & Builder
David Walsh
YouTube Expert & Coach
Dan Woodruff
Kickboxing School Owner
Claire McTernan
Service-based Business Growth Coach
Mike Corbridge
Serviced Accommodation 
Expert & Coach
The Elite Closing Academy 
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